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Uber (car) in Osaka 2021/8/13 16:35
Are there any Osaka Uber drivers on this forum or someone who has used Uber from Kansai Airport to downtown Osaka during Covid restrictions? Is Uber considered a "public" transportation for newly arriving people to Osaka?
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Re: Uber (car) in Osaka 2021/8/13 22:00
Ride sharing service is basically prohibited by the law.
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Re: Uber (car) in Osaka 2021/8/14 08:02
Uber and taxi are no different to each other. They both transport people, so they're both public transport.
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Re: Uber (car) in Osaka 2021/8/15 06:24
Uber has not grown well like in other countries due to much of the population not ownng a car or public transport being a better option.
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Re: Uber (car) in Osaka 2021/8/15 15:04
Whatever company, public transportation vehicles are given green coloured number plate, which the number is shown in white. If the vehicles which offer transportation service have a white/yellow/brack plate, they are illegal and definitely not public transportation. I hope it helps.
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Re: Uber (car) in Osaka 2021/8/15 15:26
If your are looking for ways upon arrival to travel from Kansai airport to the hotel in Osaka where you plan to quarantine, youfd need to get either one of the following: (1) family member to come pick you up on their own car, (2) rent a car and drive yourself, or (3) get a ghired carh - this is like taxi service, but there are some companies that specialize in transporting those who arrive to their destinations, in vehicles dedicated to this purpose and sanitized after every use, who advertise that they are available for transport from airport.

The above is according to Kansai airport authorities:


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