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Naked festivals for women or both genders? 2021/8/17 08:25
I know that there is a Hadaka Matsuri (Ղ, "Naked Festival") in Japan, which is a type of Japanese festival, or matsuri, in which participants wear a minimum amount of clothing; usually, just a fundoshi loincloth, sometimes with a short happi coat, and rarely completely naked. Unfortunately, correct me if I'm wrong here, but upon further investigation, I discovered that this Festival is only for Males. So my question is this, "Are there any types of naked festivals for either just women only or both genders in Japan?"

P.S. I'm asking this question because of Fictional work (chiefly, narrative work) related stuff.
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Re: Naked festivals for women or both genders? 2021/8/17 11:06
As far as i know, no.

But there is a ritual where, before the male ghadaka matsuri,h women dressed in white gear and holding Buddhist mantra on paper go through water to purify themselves. This it is said was started during the war, when there were far less men around, to continue on with the tradition somehow.

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Re: Naked festivals for women or both genders? 2021/8/17 13:32
My shinto knowledge is spotty compared to a local - but my thoughts is that such festivals which celebrate female fertility would have been common before the rise of Buddhism in the 4th-6th century. How this was shown - is unknown.

There is some folktales and such of Japan having strong and powerful female leaders prior to the introduction of Buddhism. This is not saying that Buddhism was bad for Japan - it was mixed like all new things.

I might be wrong - but I believe that the original Shinto creation myth of Amaterasu giving birth was changed due to Buddhism. It's a complex and merky thing that I don't know enough about.

People that know more about the Ainu and Yayoi people might know more about this. Doing some research on the Taga Shrine in Uwajima might show something
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