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Various spouse visa application questions 2021/8/17 19:05
Filling out the change of residence spouse visa application for the first time. Visa form filling process always give me anxiety so here are my various questions:

14. Reason for change of residence:

Is it cool to say I just want to stay with my wife?

16. Family in Japan:

Just need to put my wife right? Also Ifd imagine residence card number just n/a?

19. Place of employment:

Part 3. Annual income - is this my annual income or the companyfs?

20. Method of support for expenses:

So really sections 20-22 confuse me a bit. Obviously Ifve got self-support but should I also put my wife as supporter? Then do I just put in her information for 21. Supporter and then 22. Guarantor?

Anyways, apologize for the long post. Ifve searched a lot on here and around google regarding spouse visa things, but not nearly as much about the pure application part.

Herefs the application for reference.

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Re: Various spouse visa application questions 2021/8/18 08:52
Hi there

I definite understand your anxiety, visa/immigration related procedures make me so uneasy!

I have filled in this form before so I hope I can help, they accepted it and allowed me to live here so I guess it's ok!!

14- yes, I put the same, to live with my husband who is Japanese national

16- yes just your wife, unless you actually do have any immediate family from your own side living in Japan (don't worry about adding all your wife's parents etc)
On mine I just put my husband

19 - your income in Japan if you have it

21 and 22 can be the same person if need be, they were both my husband on mine. However I cannot comment if you should put yourself or wife as supporter, I put my husband as he earns a lot more money. Maybe someone else here can shed a bit more light on this question...

I hope this info is helpful. Good luck with your application

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Re: Various spouse visa application questions 2021/8/18 09:05
I believe that for 20 we (myself = Japanese, and my non-Japanese husband) chose gselfh as he was earning money, then nothing under 21 as I was not financially supporting my husband, then under 22 I put myself (the wife) as the guarantor.
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Re: Various spouse visa application questions 2021/8/18 15:05
Thanks for the help yfall! Someday visa applications may not scare me.
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Re: Various spouse visa application questions 2021/8/19 05:30
@JChurch13 (guest)

Also, be prepared to give immigration the following documents as well:

1) Your income tax, resident tax, and possibly insurance card info

2) Your wife's income tax and resident tax (nouzei-shoumeisho and kazei-shoumeisho)

3) Koseki tohon (family register) and jumin-hyo (resident registration certificate)

Usually the wife will get documents from her company and then must go down to the city office to get the rest.

If the foreign male spouse puts the Japanese wife down as the supporter and guarantor. It appears that immigration will randomly ask for documents from the foreign spouse. So they might ask for additional documents (income tax, resident tax, insurance) or might not ask.

If you put down that you are working or are the supporter, they almost always will ask for your income tax and resident tax (nouzei-shoumeisho and kazei-shoumeisho).
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