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Would this be a correct translation? 2021/8/21 10:40
I really want to get the word 'Kaiju' tattooed on me in sense of considering myself a strange creature, as wel as retaining a love for Kaiju as a concept. I was wondering if this translation would be a good way to go as I can seem to find very little help on the matter.


This is what I've found, and so now I am wondering if this is correct.

I thank you greatly in advance!!

Much love,
A fool.
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Re: Would this be a correct translation? 2021/8/21 14:23
I guess you mean the word for monster 怪獣 [かいじゅう (kaijuu)] or maybe marine mammal 海獣 [かいじゅう (kaijuu)] but I think what you are going to get is an ambiguous, obscure and equivocal tattoo 晦渋 [かいじゅう (kaijuu)]

Just as explanation かいじゅう isn’t “a translation” it’s one of the two Japanese phonetic alphabets, hiragana. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiragana
You can obviously tattoo something in hiragana on you, but as a phonetic alphabet it doesn’t have a meaning by itself.
The meaning is transported by kanji.

Now, apart from me being biased against tattoos, I think this tattoo here is a specially bad idea, because you clearly have no idea about Japanese language. So you
1) are going to end up with a tattoo that you don’t really know the meaning (why trust this forum?)
2) you most likely will get a tattoo artist who also knows nothing about Japanese calligraphy, so your tattoo will look like BEST CASE SCENARIO like the Japanese version of “Times New Roman” and worst case scenario like an attempt by a 3 year old to write a kanji
3) you clearly have no connection with this word.

Sorry if this sounds mean, but if after all your research you only arrived to かいじゅう , you haven’t done any research (so why is this word then so important to you if you haven’t invested any time?). I am not saying you are not “worth” this tattoo I am simply saying that the result 99% will be bad.
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Re: Would this be a correct translation? 2021/8/21 19:23
Obviously, the first translation you spoke of is one I found as well. But with the space I want it on, the translation I asked about would fit it much better. Yet with your answer in mind, I now know I should stick with 怪獣 if I do decide to get it. I'll just have to ask the artist to fill something in around it.

You're not wrong in thinking I know absolutely nothing of the language. I mean, I'm an absolute buffoon. Hence why I am asking instead of just going with it. Though your reaction is somewhat crude, I understand where you're comming from and believe it is justified crudeness.
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Re: Would this be a correct translation? 2021/8/22 00:02
かいじゅう looks goofy and silly enough, so if you're aiming to feature yourself as a strange creature, you're on the right path. For the record, the first kaiju that came to my mind when reading your post was Pigmon.
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