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Moving and changing visas in Japan 2021/8/21 16:33
Currently working as an ALT in Kanto but my bf lives in Fukuoka and got an apartment big enough for 2 people so that we can live together. Ifm not on the lease (yet). Ifm looking for jobs and so far I have two options one that wants me to start in October and one in November of this year (my original plan was to wait until my current contract ends next spring March 2022). I have a lot of anxiety about the whole moving and visa change process and I could use some help.

I think I have to change my visa type to the Humanities one from Instructor (current type). Ifve seen online that it could take months? Anyone know the timing or process? One potential employer has no idea the process involved and itfs stressing me out.

Secondly what order should I go in for the address and visa change thing?

Should I try to change my visa using current Kanto address and then gupdateh the residence card address in Fukuoka when I move?

Do I need to fly down and sign the lease before filing a moving out notice with my city hall so I can put the new address or is it fine to do that (sing the lease) once Ifm down in Fukuoka and can register a moving in notice?

Any advice/tips?
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Re: Moving and changing visas in Japan 2021/8/22 12:29
Application procedure/guideline
English: https://www.isa.go.jp/en/applications/procedures/16-2.html
Japanese: https://www.moj.go.jp/isa/applications/procedures/16-2.html

Application Form
English: https://www.isa.go.jp/en/applications/procedures/16-2-1.html
Japanese: https://www.moj.go.jp/isa/applications/procedures/16-2-1.html

Apply 1st with your current address and then change address once you moved/settle down in your new place.

Application can takes from 2 weeks to month or two depending on your application documentation, and also current pandemic. No one can give you ultimate answer on this.

Sign your lease, register movingout notice with your current cityhall, settle in, file in moving in notice with new city hall.

You can apply change of status yourself, with your new company documentation.

DO NOT WORK FOR NEW COMPANY while your application is still pending.
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Re: Moving and changing visas in Japan 2021/8/22 18:56
Something you should be aware of is that it's often a good idea to not to tell your current job that you are quitting until you at least get a confirmed job offer from the new company in writing. Better yet, get the new work visa approved.

You can quit your current job if you want to, but you must inform immigration within 2 weeks of doing so. Then immigration will put you on an update schedule where you must inform them about your progress with finding a new job a couple times a month. If you already have a confirmed job offer from the new company and they are capable of issuing work visas, and this is or will be submitted soon, then you should be fine and things will likely go smoothly.

After quitting the job, you can still usually stay in the country and on that same work visa for at least 3 months (can be longer and up to immigration). Immigration will give you time to find a new job, but if they believe you can't, that is when they will cancel the visa.

Something also helpful to know:

A) The amount of money offered by the company should usually be more than 30,000 dollars (around 3,300,000 yen) to have a greater chance of approval. This is because of taxes and cost of living in Japan.

B) Be very careful of a company that has no experienced with issuing work visas. If it is their first time, immigration will scrutinize them more thoroughly and it will take longer to get approval.

A company issuing a work visa for the first time must prepare and submit a lot of documents to immigration, so it can take time for them to get or prepare. A first time or inexperienced company can still issue work visas, but understand it might be a bit of a bumpy ride to get there. If you choose them, probably best if they are paying you the most out of the other possibilities.
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