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Do Japan-Unis accept Foundation Year? 2021/8/24 13:49
Hello, I have been interested in studying in Japan as an undergraduate for a while now and have taken a look at the requirements before applying to different universities.

There are many versions of requirements but the most basic one for entering a University is to complete 12 years of standard education.

I am currently studying in Malaysia. Over here, schools finish at year 11, and we
are required to find a 12th-year equivalent elsewhere. Upon knowing this, I have decided to take a Foundation Year(in engineering) as my 12th year because it is fast and simple; also being a year 12 equivalent by my country's standards.

Now I would like to know if the requirement "12 years of standard education" must be in the form of learning at school from year 1 to year 12 (primary to secondary to high school) only? Or can it also be in the form of 11+1 years like in my case? [11 years in international schooling and the 12th a Foundation Year]

If anybody has an answer or advice about this I would really appreciate it(:
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Re: Do Japan-Unis accept Foundation Year? 2021/8/24 16:41

3.Regardless of number of years in primary and secondary education and ...

... he/she has passed an universityfs individual qualification screening plus is over the age of 18.

So I think you don't need the 12th year of education, but must pass the entrance exam and beyond age 18 when you enter the university.
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Re: Do Japan-Unis accept Foundation Year? 2021/8/25 07:22
If you finish high school or similar. That is normally fine. If your country only does 11, then you explain that.

You won't be the first from your country with this issue. So you could contact embassy or immigration for confirmation.
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Re: Do Japan-Unis accept Foundation Year? 2021/8/25 09:46
you will finish Form5. but, if you want to go to university in Malaysia, you need to finish Form6, don't you ?
so, I am afraid the Form5 is not the final education for entering university in your country.
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