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Student visa 2021/8/25 22:03
I applied for a student visa and it was rejected. Can I appeal again? If so, what is the probability of getting a visa?
by Singhappoolige Ishara Sewwandi (guest)  

Re: Student visa 2021/8/26 10:40
It is up to the reason why it was rejected – possibly due to the school, due to insufficient savings shown, etc. Is there any way to check with the school why it was rejected?

If you try to apply again with exactly the same conditions, within 6 months, the application does not get accepted, because the outcome is obvious.

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Re: Student visa 2021/8/27 15:11

I agree with AK. The first thing you should do is make every effort to find out why your student visa was rejected. This can be difficult, because Japanese immigration usually gives no official or public disclosures of the reasons behind their decisions.

If you went through a Japanese school to get the student visa, then it is best to ask that school about the reasons for the rejection. The school can call Japanese immigration directly about your paperwork or somebody from the school already has, and they might can tell you the reason.

"Can I appeal again?" My understanding of such matters is that you can not. You can only resubmit the application again. If you resubmit the application to the same school, with the same information, immigration is likely to reject it again. You need to do things differently, so it is best for you to figure out what went wrong in the first place.

If the Japanese school that you were applying to was not helpful, then I strongly recommended trying a different school that would be more helpful and open about the process.
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Re: Student visa 2021/8/27 19:21
The principal of the school said that I had learned Japanese in my country and that there was a difference in the size of the certificate. But what has happened is that they have misunderstood it. The Japanese language teacher in my country presented the certificate correctly. I have a problem with immigration officials rejecting it.
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Re: Student visa 2021/8/27 22:54
So, you mean that immigration required you to submit a proof or record of your study of Japanese in your country so you submitted a certificate by a teacher or school but immigration didn't trust it because of misunderstanding?
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Re: Student visa 2021/8/27 23:03
In fact, they misunderstood the numerical value of the report because they mentioned the few hours I learned.
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Re: Student visa 2021/8/29 03:02
If you are sure how many hours your studied in your country was the reason, how about taking an exam and submit a proof of your Japanese level alternatively?

As another people said, the immigration doesn't officially tell you the reason of denial, the reason that you mentioned is only prediction of you or school. So I think you had better consider the other factors also. If possible, I also recommend you to apply a Tekiseiko (a school approved as a legitimate school) which is trusted better by immigration. Good luck.
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Re: Student visa 2021/9/1 21:51
In case you need somebody's assistant to go to Japan, please be careful with improper agencies. They just talk advantage of people who have difficulties, you get a visa only for toil life, not student life.
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