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ALT Direct and Dispatch differences 2021/8/26 13:35
Hey guys, so i am working at a highschool in Japan and the direct hire alt here is a total ass, i mean he is rude, loud, obnoxious, cruel (to kids) and bossy.
Recently, he infact touched one of the female students hair, i saw it and reported it, so actually hes in hot water now about it, the vice principal is working at having him removed in 2022.
The question i have though about this obnoxious man is this.
I was a dispatch ALT in a school and i had a list of responsibilities, you know the usual tasks; marking work, lesson plans (depends on school), making material or assisting the material and so forth - outside of classes.
So what is the differences between Direct Hire ALT and Dispatch Hire ALT, in terms of responsibilities and work?

I ask this because, he goes on about the BOE always, in a deluded sense of self-superiority. So i wonder, is there any differences between the work me and him are actually do?

Thanks alot guys,
Give me strenght to work alongside this... troublemaker..

by dave (guest)  

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