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Skateboarding in Japan? 2005/6/18 02:05

me and my mates are thinking of going to Japan for a holiday during summer and since we're probably going im wondering if we can bring our skateboards??

by Boogeyman  

Skateboarding 2005/6/28 13:07
I have seen Japanese skaters at various parks in Tokyo. I have also seen some skaters stop or disappear when the police come around, so you probably want to find out the rules about specific locations before skating there.
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well 2005/6/28 14:31
In the part of Tokyo I live in it's common to see skateboarding but still not as popular as in america.
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Location? 2005/6/28 17:59
I'm not sure how many people will know this, but I'd like to find this popular skate spot which is somewhere in Tokyo(I think). From what I've seen, it's a grey-tiled walkway(?) that parallels a large body of water with a ferris wheel in view. A bit of a choppy description since I'm not good with names.
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bring your skateboards 2005/7/4 23:45
Sure bring your skateboards. If you are a true skater, you always take your skateboards wherever you travel. There are some skateparks in Tokyo. But it would be a good idea to go to a skate shop and find out some local spots/parks. You will not get a ticket skating here like in the US. By the way, the tiled place with Ferris Wheel in the background is in Odaiba.
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Old head skater 2005/7/5 11:26
I'm 37 years old and dont skate anymore but I still notice the culture. In Kishiwada about 5 blocks south of the station there is a park. It eppears to be public (Free) and they have a skate park there if I was still skating I would be there everyday. It doesn't have much "VERT" but it looks like a very good streey course unfortunatly I can't tell if there is any "Rails" just wood.
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What about rollerblading? 2005/7/6 18:32
I'm moving to Japan for a year and when I travel, I usually take my blades to explore a city or sometimes for transport. Are there places to do this in the cities?
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help me too 2005/7/22 13:47
does anyone know of any skateparks in osaka!?
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skateparks/shops near kichijoji 2005/10/30 23:31
anybody know of skateparks or skateshops near kichijoji? I need new bearings REAL bad.
email me: taibray_@hotmail.com
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. 2005/10/31 02:50
good couple of surf/skate shops in the ochanimizu district, maybe ask there
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Where to go 2005/12/17 06:59
Hey I'm heading to Tokyo know any good rocky/hiphop clubs for new years?And are the skate shops in Tokypo expensive than UK?
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Rollerblading too 2006/1/1 21:37
I live in Tokyo since september, I would like to rollerblade but never saw anybody doing it on the streets. Do you know where it is possible?
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just do it 2006/2/17 09:05
Im going to Nagoya soon to live for a year or so, lived there before. I started blading there years ago. so Im taking my blades. its all concrete Im sure tokyo is worse, perfect for blades. and if no one else is doing it you'll look even cooler.
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Skateparks in Tokyo 2006/3/20 17:15
I was told that there are two nice skateparks in Tokyo. The "Yoyogi-Park" in Shibuya-ku and the "Komazawa-Park" in Setagaya-ku.
Regards to all skaters.
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skateboarding near hammamatsu/Shizuoka 2006/3/25 18:49
i went to japan with school for three weeks and was soooo pissed off because my school banned me from using my skateboard... anyway i ended up seeing a skatepark in Fukuroi.. its in the main park... across a bridge... anyway i got the courage to ask a local if i could use his skateboard and he was more than happy to let me use it... in fact i ended up using it for about an hour because the guy wanted to watch a non local person skate. (if u want pictures of the skatepark go to my site @ www.fsk-sk8.piczo.com) then go to random pics, it should be down the bottom somewhere, and u will see how friendly the security guards are as they always love having their photo taken. if u go to anywhere around hammamatsu or shizuoka please make an effort to catch the train down to Fukuroi.... also when i was driving i saw some pretty cool sets of stairs
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i`m going to japan to skate the parks 2006/5/21 14:03
my name is ty i live in wichita ks, im going to japan to skate the parks and kick it with the people!! if you skate you will be welcome. but with all big city`s. you mite not get to skate some spots check the laws or ask the people. if you don`t speek japanese show them your skateboard and look at what you won`t to skate they will shake ther haeds yes or no.
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Ferris Wheel 2006/5/26 16:23
The place with the ferris wheel is in Yokohama. I think if anything Yokohama has some of the best stuff to skate. Just look for the big ferris wheel and skate around.
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Skate parks and info 2006/6/7 23:40
If you are looking for skate parks (not parks that you can skate, the ones with halfpipes and rails, more towards aggressive and freestyle) there is a good guide on http://www.commotionworld.com/areaguide/actionsport/

It is in Japanese but it has a very good guide to places to skate. Hope you can read or find a friend that can.

You can pretty much skate anywhere but Tokyo is really congested with people and ironically some sidewalks are not the best to skate on (bricks, bumpy, narrow, etc.

I found a few places on the site and will try them out this June.

Skate on!

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it my question 2006/6/29 11:55
I'm an editor from Thailand I wanna get in touch with a skater and bmx in japan as I wanna know how the extreme game scene were in japan anyone know about it please contact me thank you
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skate december 2006/8/12 03:02
sup, im from london and addicted to concrete skateparks right now - going to be in tokyo over xmas and new years and am DEFINATELY bringing my board - people say im gonna freeze my nuts off - others tell me its the driest month - also i need to know the SPOTS for street skating man! i would like to hook up with other skaters while im there.

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