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Japan in the 90s 2021/8/27 14:49
Hey, so I'm an anime fanfic writer. The setting of my current story is set in the 90s. The characters are in their teens.

It would really help if anyone can describe what it's like living in the 90s as a teenager in Japan. The typical habits of teenagers, their usual past-time hobbies, where they eat or hang out. What's the favorite street foods back then? Their clothes and style, like accessories and hairstytles. The gadgets (do they even use phones then?). Who were the top celebrities (local and international). Things that are probably nostalgic to some. Basically the culture back then. Maybe there's a difference between then and now? Or maybe not too much?
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Re: Japan in the 90s 2021/8/27 19:12
do they even use phones then?
If you mean 'Were ショルダーフォン (the first generation of mobile phone) still used in 90s in Japan?', answer is yes but till early 90s and not many people had it. ポケベル became popular among many people in mid 90s then PHS and mobile phone became general till late 90s. In addition, Japan's mobile phone had already function of Internet access in 1999, although it is different from today's smart phone.

For fashion, I think those key words help you.
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Re: Japan in the 90s 2021/8/27 19:53
"ポケベル became popular among many people in mid 90s"
Yes, the pocket bells! Thank you for the confirmation.
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Re: Japan in the 90s 2021/9/12 18:49
Some things to research - Loose socks, Baby G watches, Telephone Booths, Kiosks at train stations, low level yakuza wearing bright gaudy colored suits...
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Re: Japan in the 90s 2021/9/15 11:25
Thank you. I will.
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Re: Japan in the 90s 2021/10/25 09:30
Ahh natsukashii. I realize I am a bit late but I lived in Japan in the 90s in my 20s. I am a westerner so my experiences may not have been typical of Japanese but...
I worked at NOVA English conversation school - it was very popular and people remembered the tv ads. My students tended to dress well. The economy while post bubble was still quite good and people seemed to have money to spend.

Salarymen wore their pagers. Women tended not to color their hair. They seemed to spend a fortune at the hairdresser. I had a phs phone. Iranians sold doctored telephone cards at Ueno. Unmarried women over 25 were "Christmas Cake", Divorced women were "Batsu ichi". The cost of weddings was a topic.

I used to eat at Capricciosa. Many restaurants had 1000 yen all you can eat buffet lunches. All you can eat and all you can drink deals were popular. Roof top bars in summer were busy. Fancy cafes in Ginza had 1000 yen coffee and cake sets.

Tetsuya Komuro dominated the music scene - TRF, Globe, Namie Amuro, Tomomi Kahala. Juliana's nightclub in Roppongi and stupid fan dancing

School girls wore loose socks and hitched up their skirts, rockabilly "gangs" danced in Yoyogi park, Bosozoku revved their engines and blocked traffic

Those were the days...
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Re: Japan in the 90s 2021/10/25 23:59
I heard also 'Toshikoshi soba' for single women. And I remembered many Japanese female classmates from country side had a PRADA backpack, Svelte body lotion and Tamagocchi game.
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Re: Japan in the 90s 2021/10/26 17:46
The first generation of Purikura was everywhere.
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