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car storage 2021/8/29 05:45
I'll be out of the country for 2 to 6 months and want an indoor location to store my car. I live near Fuji Five Lakes, but any storage location between Mishima and Narita could work out (including Yokohama, Tokyo, etc). Not sure what Japanese terms I should use to search for something like this. Anybody know of a specific service provider or what I should search for?
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Re: car storage 2021/8/30 11:20
Ask your local mechanic that services your car. Old garages in rural locations normally have heaps of space.
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Re: car storage 2021/8/30 13:34
Narita Airport has several parking services that accept long-term parking for very reasonable rates. The following I have been using many times, and they list prices for up to 2 months. Not sure whether they accept longer stays:

There are many similar services around Narita because there is a lot of space (for parking cars) available in rural Narita.
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Re: car storage 2021/8/30 15:11
Thanks for the replies, all!
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