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Spouse visa 2021/9/2 18:06
Hello everybody,
I have a japanese boyfriend who is in Japan now and I am in Italy.
I have a Coe for student visa and I am supposed to start in October but since the actual travel restrictions I won't be able to leave.
So we were thinking about getting married and applying for a Coe for spouse visa.
I have 2 doubts:

-In case I withdraw my application for the student visa, my school will cancel my actual Coe and I will be able to apply for a new Coe for spouse visa. Do you guys know how long might it take the Coe cancellation process?

-Otherwise, Do you know whether getting married while I have a Coe for student visa might compromise my student visa grant? When I applied for the Coe I was asked if I was married and I said no. By the time of the grant in case I am married, would the immigration would notice my marriege and eventually reject my spouse visa?

Thank you.
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Re: Spouse visa 2021/9/3 19:33
Your situation appears to be very complicated. I think only a person that has direct experience with such a situation or an immigration lawyer could answer this. Usually an immigration lawyer can answer about such for a consultation fee (usually around 85 euro/100 dollars), but they might get pushy with trying to get you to use them for applying for the marriage visa. So maybe you might want to ask in the context of you and your boyfriend are thinking about marriage, and asking from a hypothetical perspective.

Another possible way forward is for your Japanese boyfriend to ask Japanese immigration directly about such a situation. He could call or go down to immigration. I would say from what I've seen and heard, it is usually better to go down to immigration directly, as oppose to a phone call. When going there physically, the person will usually get the correct, detailed, and more useful answer.
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