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How to use warehouse from Japan? 2021/9/3 21:52
if i buy something and my order can't ship directly to my country which is Malaysia , and it only can be delivered to Japan , may i know a trusted warehouse ? will it ship to my country ?
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Re: How to use warehouse from Japan? 2021/9/13 20:12
It sounds like you are looking for a shopping agent, personal shopper, proxy shopper, or forwarding service provider in Japan, who shops for you then forward to you in another country. I think there was another thread on that topic on this forum, and a forwarding service provider called "Tenso.com" was mentioned somewhere. (Not my personal recommendation, but just a name I've heard.)
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Re: How to use warehouse from Japan? 2021/9/15 08:27
I think Tenso mostly just does Y!J purchases, though I could be wrong. I have used them when purchasing from Japanese Yahoo. They were fine? It can get pricey with fees, so just be aware.

I've also used Zen Market. It can get pricey, but again it is fine? I ordered a few Japanese fashion dolls via Zen Market. One of my orders was mishandled, but they fixed it when I alerted them and the correct doll was ordered and I did receive her. They were a little unresponsive in between their mistake, me alerting them to their mistake, the doll being reordered, the doll being made, the doll going to their storage facility. However, the correct doll was ordered and I did receive her. The doll was semi-custom, in that I picked the specific friend doll, the hair color and the eye color vs. an off the shelf item.

I received all the items I sent to both and they were all in the condition I expected. It gets pricey though on either since there are always additional fees.

Note, I am not affiliated and have not received any money from either service, I am strictly sharing my experiences.
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