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Antibotics for NTM? 2021/9/5 05:01
I was recently diagnosed with NTM; it is a lung infection. They have treatments here in the U.S., but the side effects are brutal. Through research on the Web, I discovered an antibotic called Gracevit (made by Daiichi Sankyo Company) are very effective in treating NTM. Can I order these antibotics? Are they safe? Can they be mailed to the U.S.?

Thank you for your input.
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Re: Antibotics for NTM? 2021/9/5 09:52
I think it is illegal for the company to sell the medicine if it is one which cannot be provided/sold without doctor's prescription. And, I think it is better ask professional people rather than strangrs on internet for safety especially since we could often see a troll who tells improper advice, pretending to a kind man.
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Re: Antibotics for NTM? 2021/9/5 13:26
You should never be self medicating. A doctor has studied years and years of medicine plus specialization in her/his field. Why do you think that a Google research could trump that?
If you donft trust your current doctor, visit an other specialist to get her/his treatment plan.
But donft order some unapproved medicine online.
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Re: Antibotics for NTM? 2021/9/5 13:34

As I look up the medication name, on the internet, i can see it is a prescription medicine in Japan. I see a few mail-order companies that sell them (from a seller outside Japan) to consumers in Japan, though this is only for personal use and guse at your own riskh thing.

Can you check if it is approved for use in the US? If it is, then look up mail-order pharmacies that might have them available for sales to the US. If it has not been approved for use in the States, you simply cannot buy them in the States - either the seller would not sell it to you in the US knowing it is not approved, or the customs/quarantines upon arrival in the US they will confiscate them.

And I also agree with the poster above - though someone here might be able to give you their personal feedback gifh theyfve used it themselves, but you canft rely on an anonymous Internet forum user for safety info. Best wishes.
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Re: Antibotics for NTM? 2021/9/7 07:23
It seems to be called Sitafloxacin in the US. Please discuss your concerns with your doctor. I wish you luck with your recovery.

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