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Best guided tour to climb mount fuji 2021/9/16 00:22
Good morning,
I am planning on climbing mount fuji next year, at the end of August. We would like to take a guide or join a guided tour to ease our planning. We have come across fuji mountain guides and they charge roughly 50,000 yen per person. Is this a reasonable price or are there cheaper alternatives?

Many thanks
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Re: Best guided tour to climb mount fuji 2021/9/18 14:03
I climb mount fuji by myself by help tourist information centre.you can consider that.you will get brochure, info free of charge
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Re: Best guided tour to climb mount fuji 2021/9/19 07:48
Obviously you will be climbing in-season.
There are many "how-to" write ups on the internet on how to prepare and climb Fuji, what to expect, what to take and the like. Some are better than others.
If you were considering climbing outside the climbing season, then you should be an experienced climber and probably have a guide, but I doubt you would be on a forum like this asking for advice if that was the case. The mountain is deadly and kills several people each year.
All the people I know that have climbed Fuji did so without guides.
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Re: Best guided tour to climb mount fuji 2021/9/19 12:23
It's SO easy to climb Mt. Fuji without any Guide/Climb company. (I've climbed each of the 4 Fuji routes - once walking all the way from the Pacific Ocean non-stop/overnight) Not knowing where you are coming from to climb I shall assume from Tokyo.

+Bus from Shinjuku (Tokyo) bus terminal: \2950 (bus can be easily booked online via English website)
+Climbing fees: \1000 ('voluntary' but helps the awesome mountain volunteers maintain trails/toilets)
+Mountain Hut: \6000 - \10,000 (depending on the altitude/station, hut and meal option - should you choose one)
+Meals/snacks during climb: Strictly cash only and the prices ^increase^ as you get higher up the mountain.

So from Tokyo with an overnight stay in an 'average' priced hut (including simple, set hut meals) about \15,000 (vs \50,000) Added costs are souvenirs and personal climbing snacks/drinks during the climb.

Check out: garyjwolf.com English website for excellent information and links on Fuji climbing and booking huts/accomodations on Fuji. Some huts are easier to book from an English perspective. Remember these are very simple mountain huts not hotels!

The 2.5hr Shinjuku (Tokyo) bus drops you right at trailhead (start of climb) at the FujiYoshida 5th Station - that's the end of the road and half way up Fuji already. Note: Book your return bus back in advance!

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Re: Best guided tour to climb mount fuji 2021/9/19 12:30
Oops - sorry all my Yen symbols are coming up as \
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