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luggage forwarding 2021/9/17 05:16
Hello and thanks for your assist!
re: luggage forwarding if 2+N between delivery destination.

I will be travelling by train (JR pass & others) from NIkko (via SHINJUKU) to Lake Kawaguchi (2N) and from there to Hakone (3N), and then up to Takayama (2N) to Kanazawa (2N) and then down to Kyoto. No backtracking...

I'd like to use luggage forwarding where ever possible, but what about gaps of more than one night?
* Can I have the luggage sent from Nikko to Hakone-- given I am stopping 2N at Lake Kawaguchi before I arrive into Hakone?
* Can I have the luggage sent from Hakone to arrive in Kyoto 4 days later so I don't have to drag it to Takayama and Kanazawa?

Part of a 30-day trip to Japan; not sure I can fit it all into a 22" carry-on.

Thanks again!

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Re: luggage forwarding 2021/9/17 07:18
Luggage forwarding can be scheduled for up to 10 days in advance to be delivered. So yeah you can do what you are planning.
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Re: luggage forwarding 2021/9/17 07:44
Other than suggesting you swap Hakone and Kawaguichi (there is some terrible backtracking in that little combination - Nikko, Kawaguchi, Hakone, Takayama), there is not problem sending things with a multi day delay (although I thought it was seven days rather than 10).
BTW, for a 30+ day trip, I have had guests travel with quite small cases with no problem, and they topped out at around 10kg (22lbs) each. I travel slightly heavier as my laptop/office weighs a bit, but when I upgraded my suitcase a couple of years back, I decreased the size - something that would work as carry-on on a plane, and I've never needed luggage forwarding in more than a decade travelling around Japan.
Still, some people love it, but then, maybe they just bring too much luggage.
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Re: luggage forwarding 2021/9/17 08:09
Thanks for the responses.

I'm definitely aiming for the 22" carry on but want to see what wiggle room I have.
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