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What is the meaning of Angelina in Japanese? 2021/9/19 08:58
Hello! My name is Angelina٫ and I have a question about what my name means.

I know my name means Angel or messenger of God in other languages٫ and I also know how its written in Japanese and Chinese٫ but does my name have a special meaning in Japanese?

For example: Mizuki means Moon or Moon Child.
Would my name mean anything special?
by foxyasusen1 (guest)  

Re: What is the meaning of Angelina in Japanese? 2021/9/19 10:09
Your western name in Japanese is アンジェリーナ. By default it doesn't use kanji, and has no meaning.

Now, in Japanese sometimes people choose to write words in a way that is different from normal for stylistic reasons (for example, writing a foreign loanword in hiragana to be cute, or whatever). So, you can write your name in kanji, and you would pick the kanji (and therefore, meaning) yourself.

BUT, to Japanese people your name is アンジェリーナ.
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Re: What is the meaning of Angelina in Japanese? 2021/9/19 16:05
As LIZ pointed out, to a typical Japanese person, the name Angelina is probably no more than something that reminds them of Ms. Jolie. As for Mizuki, as a Japanese resident of more than half a century, I'd never heard that it implies "Moon or Moon Child". Perhaps the name-holder you happened to see had her named accordingly.

When naming a person in Japan, there would be a meaning for each person's given name, and not the name as a whole.
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