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Maya, Rokkosan, Arima Onsen 2021/9/30 12:32
Hello all!

I will visit Kobe. I want to explore Maya, Rokkosan, and Arima Onsen.

I want to take all the cable cars and ropeways.

But between sightseeing spots I want to walk.

Is it okay to do/normal to do?

I ask because every website I go to recommends driving or taking a bus.

Are the roads there not open to pedestrians?

Also if anyone has itineraries for this area, please send them!

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Re: Maya, Rokkosan, Arima Onsen 2021/9/30 17:57
You seem to have misjudged the distances these attractions are apart.

The linked map you provided, those attractions are spread out over 10-12 kilometrers.
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Re: Maya, Rokkosan, Arima Onsen 2021/10/1 08:59
The "map" you referenced is an illustration - not drawn to scale.
Use the DIRECTIONS tool of the google map, with walking option, to obtain the distance/terrain/time information.
Some roads are for motor vehicles only (toll roads and highways).
Google street view can show you how narrow the roads are.
I find most Japanese mountain roads to be too narrow for bicyclists and pedestrians, for my own judgment.
Example: https://www.google.com/maps/dir/34.766418,135.2471905/Mt.+Rokko+Tenran...
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Re: Maya, Rokkosan, Arima Onsen 2021/10/2 15:25
Following Transport pass will help you
Rokko Liner 1 Day pass=550 yen
Port Liner 1 Day pass=710 yen
Rokko Liner and port liner 1 Day pass=1220
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Re: Maya, Rokkosan, Arima Onsen 2021/10/3 22:42
Most of japanese Love one pass but they are unable to buy.yes That is surutto kansai pass
2 Day=4480 yen
3 Day=5600 yen
4 Day=6420 yen
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Re: Maya, Rokkosan, Arima Onsen 2021/10/4 07:39
As others have said, the attractions up in the two mountains can be quite far apart, which is why there are shuttle bus services to connect you between the attractions.
This article has more details about Mt. Rokko and Mt. Maya including the transportation deals for bus/cable cars. You can choose the passes that fit you the best.
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