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Pocket WiFi vs. SIM Card 2021/10/1 03:05
Hello everyone!

Ifm planning a trip to Tokyo in the second half of 2022. Hopefully Japan will open its borders by then. One of my problems is that Ifve read that free WiFi is not available at many places and I should probably get either Pocket WiFi or Sim Car.

When it comes to pocket wifi, I found a site where I can get 20% off:


This is really nice, but I wonder if these kind of devices are handy or you would suggest to use Sim Card instead? I donft know what would be the best solution here.

If you have any suggestions or experience with Pocket WiFi, please share it here!

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Re: Pocket WiFi vs. SIM Card 2021/10/1 09:28
I rent pocket WiFi, because I have multiple devices and sometimes users. If you use only one device, and travel alone, then SIM card may be simpler.
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Re: Pocket WiFi vs. SIM Card 2021/10/1 11:27
I also prefer pocket wifi, mainly because I don't like messing around with my SIM card! I've used it on all my trips, without any issues.

I'd recommend carrying a spare battery on long days, as the pocket wifi can get drained (especially if more than one device is connected to it).
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Re: Pocket WiFi vs. SIM Card 2021/10/1 19:48
I've used pocket WiFi (MiFi) on every trip to Japan for the last 10 trips. I have multiple devices and carry a battery block, so therefore I don' rent out an additional battery. I use Globaladvancedcomm as my renter.
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Re: Pocket WiFi vs. SIM Card 2021/10/1 22:37
While this was not the asked question, I want to say you can also look into whether your phone will work in Japan and how much roaming on your plan will cost and compare it to renting a SIM or Pocket WiFi.

I have a Pixel Phone and I am on Google Fi. My phone works as is in Japan and my roaming charges just don't add up to the cost of renting pocket WiFi or renting a SIM card, but I guess maybe others use a lot more data than me? I do use Google Maps but I don't tend to stream a lot of videos while sightseeing or shopping because I am sightseeing or shopping. I've not stayed in a hotel that doesn't have some sort of internet in a decade and I suspect if I were to purposely pick such a place, it would be a feature not a bug.

So if your phone works as is in Japan, I would just try to find out roaming charges and see if it is lower than renting something.
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Re: Pocket WiFi vs. SIM Card 2021/10/23 14:18

Google Fi is a very interesting option, but is primarily only for U.S. citizens and/or those with U.S. credit cards and U.S. addresses.

For whatever reasons, Google has a history of limiting particular services to the U.S. versus rolling it out worldwide or it taking many years to do so. A good example is Google Voice.
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Re: Pocket WiFi vs. SIM Card 2021/11/7 17:30
Sim card. I have no idea why I would like to haul around a second device. My phone can hot spot wifi for other units.

And when your are done with your trip, throw it away.
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Re: Pocket WiFi vs. SIM Card 2021/11/9 09:38
@Rejo, I agree it's only an option for people from the USA to use Google Fi, though it might be available to those in Canada as well, but it is a considerably cheaper option than renting a SIM card or Pocket WiFi. I think there might also be ways for people to use various iPhones while roaming, without switching anything out, but I am less sure since I own a Pixel.

I think someone should always check with their cell provider to see what prices (and if it is possible) first because renting something always adds up.
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Re: Pocket WiFi vs. SIM Card 2021/12/2 18:30
"Hello! In my travels I used Pocket WIFI, very comfortable thing but need additional battery if you will far from home. But actually it depends on where you'll be, and on tariff plan of the sim card. Maybe this variant will be more for you.

Best wishes, Ann
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Re: Pocket WiFi vs. SIM Card 2021/12/15 14:34
It depends on what you want to do honestly. Are you going to be bringing a laptop or any other devices that also connect to wifi? I've always used the portable wifi since it was very convenient to use and could connect multiple devices to it. If it's just your phone, you could just try getting a sim card, so it's really your preference. I honestly just prefer the portable wifi since it's no hassle to making sure your settings are right and using the sim card where as you just set your wifi to connect to the portable wifi and you're good to go.
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