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it is ok to work in japan? 2021/10/14 11:49
i have never been to japan ...this will be first time that i will come to japan ...i have a disconnected hair cut with man bun and not too long facial hair ...it is ok for me to come in japan for school and for part time job ...it is acceptable in japan ?
by phillip (guest)  

Re: it is ok to work in japan? 2021/10/15 10:39
That style of haircut style isn't abnormal in Japan. And the beard shouldn't pose an issue.
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Re: it is ok to work in japan? 2021/10/15 11:40
Most employers that I worked so far said 'it should be neat and hygienic to appropriate as a workers' something like that rather than prohibiting specific style.

Recently I also found that many Japanese people especially in rural regions believe that men should have shorter hair, they accuse a princess's boyfriend of having pony tail. Even if long hair which is hygienic, combed and tied neat doesn't seem to be accepted.
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Re: it is ok to work in japan? 2021/10/27 07:54
I assume you are an adult and will study at some sort of language school. In that case your appearance is of no consequence. Make sure your visa allows you to work part-time.

You won't find many Japanese office workers with a man bun and facial hair. Japaan is very conservative and such a look has a negative image.

The look is not so uncommon but these people will be artists or employed in certain industries. At any rate slightly out of the mainstream.

You on the otherhand are a westerner. You are already out of the mainstream. You are expected to be different and Japan is quite accepting of this.

So I don't see your hair fashion as too much of an isuue
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Re: it is ok to work in japan? 2021/12/15 14:37
The hair shouldn't matter that much, unless the place you were applying to work for wanted you to look very neat and tidy. Just curious though, which country are you coming from and do you have permission from the type of visa that you'll hold to work? If you're just coming on a tourist visa, obviously there is no permission to work.

Just make sure that you're able to work on the visa and which specific jobs you can apply for, otherwise employers will just tell you that they can't hire you on that type of visa.
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