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Japanese Summer Viewing Festival? 2021/10/15 09:29
Hi, I am trying to learn the Japanese language by myself and I will find simple things to practice reading. I found this short text (all in 変体仮名) and I understand all but one thing in it. The text is essentially as follows:

夏はすがみ (or 夏はすずみ, I am uncertain since 変体仮名 is being used; I believe the み is referring to 見 given the context),

I do not understand the second section. It appears to refer to a viewing of something in summer. Is there someone who is familiar with Japanese language, history and culture who can help clarify this for me? I was unable to find any clues that seemed to fit on line. Thank you.
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Re: Japanese Summer Viewing Festival? 2021/10/15 19:33
Possibly, 夏は星見? (star-viewing)?
Or if you do suspect すずみ, that might be from the verb 涼む, meaning to enjoy cool places, enjoy the cool evening breeze on an otherwise hot day. The み in this phrase would not mean "to watch," but at least it rhymes.
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