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May 2022 trip 2021/10/19 04:26
Hello everyone.

I know that this question can't receive a guaranteed answer, as we don't know what the future shall hold. However, advice will be greatly appreciated.

I am looking at booking a 10 day trip to Tokyo for May 2022, a week after Golden Week. Just a small trip to get my Japan fix before 2023 (I can't wait that long!).
For now I am thinking of just booking the hotel, as its rather low risk.
Though flights + hotel, I can get a fantastic deal and I would like to book a trip before the Japanese government announces announces reopening of the country to tourism. Because I know that there will then be a huge boom in people booking trips and a sharp increase in costs of flights and hotels.

Is there any positive indication of Japan reopening again by May 2022?

And some information on myself. I am from the UK and fully vaccinated. (AstraZeneca)
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Re: May 2022 trip 2021/10/19 08:05
I can currently see no indications for the reopening, as I outlined in my post here:
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