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Enoshima & Surrounds 2021/10/31 11:14
Hi All,

At the moment I'm looking at a day trip to Enoshima from central Tokyo for probably a Thursday in April. I've visited Kamakura to death and have seen most of the sites there - but have always missed Enoshima.

I'm a reasonably fast traveler and don't really see a full days worth of "stuff" to do in the area. My knowledge at the moment of sites worth visiting include:

Enopass - 1000 Yen

Includes entrance to Cockling Garden, Escalator, Enoshima Sea Candle, Enoshima Cave.

Enoshima Shrine also looks as though it's worth a quick visit.

The only other sites that I can see (apart from Aquarium) is Ryuko-ji temple and Yugyo-jo temple (bus or train ride away)

If anyone has any suggestions of stuff to do - I'd love to hear it.
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Re: Enoshima & Surrounds 2021/10/31 14:37
My recommendation is to continue above and across the island to the sea behind it which has a very nice rocky coast with a lateral view on mt Fuji. Just continue in the way past the garden, then you’ll come to some restaurants (which have nice terraces with a view ) and then down a lot of steps.

At the entrance to the island is also an onsen. I have never been. It’s quite expensive and (!) you need swimming wear for the outside pool with the view over mt Fuji.

On the mainland the Odakyu station is worth a look.

I think there is also an aquarium on the mainland. Again, I haven’t been as I am no fish fan and aquariums leave me semi nauseous.

If you’d like to finish your day in a super sento my recommendation is Kozashibuya on the top floor of the supermarket right outside the station. Www.ousama2603.com
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Re: Enoshima & Surrounds 2021/10/31 21:45
mfedley ,Do you know, you will visit once more beside your April Trip?why, For Theme park Located in japan.

So Beside Enoshima Trip,You must visit Theme park.This is A Life time experience.

Day 1:Tokyo Disney Land and Disney sea
Day 2: Fuji q highland
Day 3: nagashima resort
Day 4:huis ten bosch nagasaki
Day 5:Legoland
Day 6: moominvalley park
Day 7:universal studios japan etc
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Re: Enoshima & Surrounds 2021/10/31 22:40
Are those theme parks mentioned above located around Enoshima? Is that baced on OP's preference or travel style?
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Re: Enoshima & Surrounds 2021/11/1 03:28
No, most of those theme parks are nowhere near Enoshima, particularly Huis Ten Bosch which is all the way on Kyushu!

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Re: Enoshima & Surrounds 2021/11/1 04:18
My favorite part of Enoshima is the food.

As you enter the island after crossing the bridge, you see restaurants lined up toward your left, and they're pretty good.

In particular, nama-shirasu (raw whitebait) is a treat you can only enjoy near fisheries, and at Enoshima you see them mostly during April, May, July and October. Ask for "nama-shirasu-don 生しらす丼" (big bowl of rice topped with raw whitebait).
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Re: Enoshima & Surrounds 2021/11/1 08:21
Thanks for the info everyone.

On theme parks - they are not really my thing. I've visited Disney Sea (with family), Huis Ten Bosh and a tacky spanish themed one near Wakayama. As such - Meiji Mura is more the type of theme park I like compared to Fuji High Q.

Ahh the white bait. Thats the thing I find strange about myself. I love sushi/sashimi but don't like white bait and the like. I'll give a good look out for the food around Enoshima though.

I've also noticed the onsen (along with acquarium) near Enoshima and noticed the price is quite steep. What I don't get about me is that I'll pay to visit Nikko Edo Wonderland & Tobu World Square in the same day but not 3,000 yen for an onsen. I'd consider that for the onsen at the Daiichi in Noboribetsu though.

If the truth be known - I should probably plan a short day (with something like an onsen on top of a supermarket for oddness!) after moving around so much.
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Re: Enoshima & Surrounds 2021/11/1 10:28
Small cave to explore and a ferry trip from the-back end of the island also.

I spent 4-5 hours at Enoshina. Didn't do aquarium or beach walk.

Lots to see and do between Enoshina and your hotel if the day more faster than expected.
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