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Manaca IC in Kyoto 2021/11/9 13:51
I used my Manaca IC a couple years ago in Osaka with no problems. However, last month I couldnft use it in Shiga and Kobe. Can it be used in Kyoto and Nara (subway and bus)?
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Re: Manaca IC in Kyoto 2021/11/9 18:15
Manaca can be used wherever the "10 major transportation-related IC cards" (such as Suica, Pasmo and Manaca) are accepted, which is in most major urban areas of Japan. Ultimately it depends on the transportation company rather than the region. You may have used some minor bus company that does not accept these IC cards.

Manaca is accepted on most means of transportation in Kyoto City.
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Re: Manaca IC in Kyoto 2021/11/10 07:52
Thank you Uji! Ifll bring it and see if I can use it where I intend to go! :)

The strangest thing about when I was in Kobe on the bus - the bus has signs encouraging people to use IC including Manacac But when I tried, was told no! All while the sign said itfs ok, haha!

Oh well
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Re: Manaca IC in Kyoto 2021/11/11 05:28
See also the interoperability map for what works where .....

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