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Lactase supplements - are they legal 2021/11/17 21:28
So I'm lactose intolerant. Now, Japan is not the hardest place to avoid dairy products, but I've been thinking.

To fully enjoy the (food) culture, I do want to be able to enjoy Japanese dairy products, at least to some extend. Something like a macha softcream would not be possible without either lactase supplements, or going the hard way: finding a lactose-free variety.

So, one thing I can do, is to bring lactase supplements. But since they are considered medicine (albeit over the counter), I don't really know if they are legal in Japan. Most are, but the exceptions may get people in trouble, so better safe than sorry.

And if they are legal, are there any limitation on dosis per tablet, or limitations on the number of doses you can bring, or limitations on specific brands? Do I need a note from my doctor? And if not legal, what other options do I have?

Does anyone have details on this, or an official source where I can find out?
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Re: Lactase supplements - are they legal 2021/11/18 14:41
You can normally bring in one month of meds. They don't sound anything too crazy. So shouldn't be an issue.

Japanese customs website would be my first place to look.
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Re: Lactase supplements - are they legal 2021/12/8 11:02
Lactase enzyme supplements in japan are only available by medical prescription. However, there is an alternative available over the counter and available on amazon. Bioractase is a famous brand, or you can do a search on amazon for ビオラクターゼ. (These are not enzyme-based supplements like they are in the USA.)

My wife has this issue, and we spent a lot of time looking for a Lactase Enzyme for her here. If you live in Japan, I'd recommend visiting your doctor and asking for a prescription. If you are visiting, then bringing some with you, it shouldn't be a problem, since I've yet to have an issue when I've brought some from the USA. You can also try Bioractase, though we have no experience with this yet since we have yet to run out of what I brought from the USA.

I wish you luck in finding a solution for this and enjoy your time in Japan.

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Re: Lactase supplements - are they legal 2021/12/12 10:04
I guess your question is very easy to answering. I would say, they are all legal.
But why are you so after any subelement during all purism is much tastier.
Our body metabolism has its own language. So all our individual body signs we
can try to understand. You can be thankful that you found out that you got an intolerance.
People who are not so sensitive could maybe get after a long and wrong diet very sick. I am living already a long time Vegan. I leading in the university city Marburg
a band project and we have often young students playing with us. So is also our
new singer living Vegan. Nobody encouraged her doing that. She loves to eat Vegan chocolate and other Vegan food we can easily get. I also enjoy to eat carob. Our last bass
player, who was study medicine is living as well Vegan. He influenced our precious singer and she became also Vegan. Good she has made this big change, because she had already cancer operations behind her. That sounds hard and it definitely is, especially in the very young age, but I like to make you understand that it is so top modern and easy to live Vegan. She continues to study in the city Goettingen cardiology. I only like to make great music. But music is a body healer, too. Big farmers use genetic changed soya products for the big animal farming of salmon and pigs. And that should be not legal. Any how I also need not necessarily so much soya products. Many nature products are so very versatile, that we get not really boring to start new diets. I wish you a nice day. Stay happy and healthy.
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Re: Lactase supplements - are they legal 2021/12/15 14:31
What is the issue that you're having exactly? You're afraid that if you bring in a digestive supplement that you might somehow be "importing an illegal drug"? People bring vitamins with them all the time and you can also buy vitamins in Japan too.

I honestly wouldn't worry about it and if you are really worried, you can always just check the official website of items that are permitted and one that aren't.
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