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Online shop select number of payments 2021/12/3 06:54
I live in Japan and often shop online.
When paying with debit or credit card, I often see this option...

Select number of payments (x񐔂̑I/x)
3 times ~ 24 times (3񕥂 to 24񕥂)

To my understanding...
This means instead of paying one lump sum, you make multiple payments.

My questions are...

1. When is each payment due? Biweekly? Monthly?
The two websites I shop at the most don't say and there's no where to click for more information.

2. Does this work with Japanese credit cards only? Or does it work with American credit cards too?
I only use my American Visa debit card when shopping online.
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Re: Online shop select number of payments 2021/12/3 16:11
Seeing that the web shop is offering it, I am assuming that it is the installment payment plan offered by the store (as against revolving or installment payments offered by your credit card company). But check if it is only available to their store cardholder, certain types of cards, or something? There may be some other eligibility criteria.

Usually in Japan when they have those installment payments, it is gusuallyh monthly, as people get paid their salary monthly, and to your second question, i must say i donft know, youfd need to check the section on gpaymenth on that website.

But note that those store installment payment plans, just as with credit card companyfs revolving or installment plans, would come with interest/fees on top of the purchase amount.
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Re: Online shop select number of payments 2021/12/3 23:21
generally speaking, it is shown when you choose credit card payment. credit card companies offer such payments in Japan. so I think those payments are specific for the Japanese cards.
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