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Med school textbooks 2021/12/10 00:56
I’d like to buy a textbook that is aimed for high school students in Japan applying for a med university, could someone send me a link? Even better if it’s on Amazon or smth:)) I would just like to see the curriculum and stuff they have to learn and questions too:)) would be happy if someone replied!
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Re: Med school textbooks 2021/12/10 15:55
I give you the short brief answers.

probably you can't buy high school textbooks at Amazon.
but, you can buy "reference books" (there are huge varieties) probably at Amazon.co.jp.
if you want to know some information about entrance examinations, google 大学入学共通テスト. you can find old examinations and the answers.
before you buy something, try to solve it.
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Re: Med school textbooks 2021/12/10 16:17
How good is your Japanese? Google for it in Japanese and you shall find your answer.

Do you even understand/know how Japan education etc. high school - university work ?

I think....
Everyone study the same thing in High school and they do extra in cramschool (juku) for university entrance exam. All in Japanese.
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