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About Clubs In Highschool Japan 2021/12/14 07:43
1. Is there a time limit where you can join a club?

2. Can you join after school hours or does it have to be during school hours?

3. Can a currently existing club shut down due to lack of members? If so what's the minimum members a club has to have before shutting down?

4. Does the sponsor has to be there with the students, during club activities?

(Sorry if I sound a bit ignorant. Thank you)
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Re: About Clubs In Highschool Japan 2021/12/14 16:16
1. I don't think so but generally the 3rd grade students leave around the summer vacation or the end of the first semester due to juken.

2. After school and in the early morning before school starts, even Sundays. That is why there is an issue of teacherr's working hour. Meanwhile some students participate the event or competition while school hours and it is not treated as absence in general.

3. It could be, but I think the minimum number required is depending on school? Anyway, I have heard of the opposite case that a baseball culb forced some students who isn't interested in baseball to join to make the club members more than 9

4. What the sponsors which are parents need is working hard...
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