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Yamato luggage service 2021/12/17 11:22
Yamato used to have and maybe still do a luggage transfer service from the airport to other destinations like ski resorts or even back to your home/apartment. Does anyone know if that is still available? In other words if I have to quarantine can I send some of my luggage onward while I'm in a hotel?
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Re: Yamato luggage service 2021/12/19 01:32
Yes, you can. It is very simple. Just tell the hotel staff that you want to use "Takkyu-bin" to send your luggage. Or, just show this Japanese, "宅急便で荷物を送りたいです". They will help you.

You can get more info from Kuroneko Yamato Website below. It's in English. :)

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Re: Yamato luggage service 2021/12/19 03:28
Not all quarantine facility is hotel, school is also used. Even if you stay at a hotel one, there is no general hotel services. If you expect to send your luggage from the quarantine facility, I think it is better check with authority in addition to Yamato's site.
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