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Where are the best rock music places 2021/12/19 12:51
Hello, my is Chris Wilson Oshawa. I'm a rock musician from Canada. Where are good places in Kyoto for rock music? Is Kyoto a good place to tour?Here is some Canadian rock music by Chris Wilson Oshawa from the cd Best Sinner On the Block.
The music www.reverbnation.com/chriswilsonoshawabestsinnerinthebkockcd
Thank you Japan! We love you!😁
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Re: Where are the best rock music places 2021/12/20 07:54
There are plenty of live houses in the Kansai area, but that isn't going to be much use on its own. As a touring musician I am sure you are aware that there needs to be some demand for a show in order for it to actually take place. If you don't have some kind of an established following in Japan already then you are going to have to share the stage with someone else. So you should probably get in touch with booking agents and/or other artists in Japan.
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Re: Where are the best rock music places 2022/1/16 22:03
I understand the best or good places you mention means facilities with equipments that fit for rock musicians. If your tour is commercial, then it should also means facilities that meet criteria to be your visa sponsor. I would also remind you restrictions related to the pandemic.
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