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Wedding in Japan 2021/12/20 22:12
I want to organize a wedding in Japan next year, that country is beautiful to me. My wife and I are planning a wedding with lots of candles, but we are not sure which colors to take as decoration for our wedding. The candles will be red.
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Re: Wedding in Japan 2021/12/21 13:20
I remember things were like pinkish or light blue each time when I attended the wedding in Japan. I am quite sure this because each time I wondered why it is pale color while everything is red in my country in spite of many wedding related customs are same in Japan and my country. But what I saw is just what I saw, I think decoration can be any color.

By the way, are you in somewhere outside Japan? If so, are you sure that you are able to enter Japan the next year?
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Re: Wedding in Japan 2021/12/24 11:25
Could you clarify your question? You said that you are already married, but you want to plan a wedding. Is it for you (as in an official wedding) or for someone else?

No one knows yet what will happen in the future in regards to Japan's borders as well since they closed it (once again) to travelers. Try and stay on top of the immigration/borders issue before making plans about a wedding overseas.
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Re: Wedding in Japan 2021/12/24 14:30
So are you organizing it without a planner or an agent? Not only the covid relavant measures, but you should also be aware about the venue. Not all the places allow you to use candles (fire) unless you use one exclusive for wedding called 'Kekkon shiki jo'.
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Re: Wedding in Japan 2021/12/27 03:29
A lot of locations also have exclusive contracts with gwedding companiesh that will organize everything, so best would be to research possible locations, visit them with appointments once boarders are opened and then decide on one or two and have contract talks with the wedding companies. This will take time and is bothersome as you have a lot of things to consider (like renting clothes from specific companies or paying several hundreds of $ as fees, or specific photo contracts that easily reach thousands of $ without any possibility to take pictures yourself ).
After having my wedding in Okinawa Ifm not sure if I would do it again. The photo wedding (taking wedding pictures a day long) in Ishigaki was wonderful though
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Re: Wedding in Japan 2021/12/27 14:40
If you don't spend money for an agency and organise eveything by yourself, I recommend you to check local law and rules. Before candles, for example, wedding itself is impossible at public parks, school fields, roads, etc. Even if somewhere like a restaurant accepts your request and provides services, you still need to confirm what is possible and what is impossible in addition to use of candles. For example, playing music, sprinkling water or something, and attaching something for decoration on the walls using a grew or nails, are things that are not welcomed in Japan.
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