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Zairyuu card renewal 2021/12/23 07:11
My zairyuu card is expiring this 28th.

I have applied for the renewal of my zairyuu card 2 weeks ago.

Normally, how long does it take to get my new zairyuu card?

Can I ask the Immigration Office for an update regarding my application or speed up the process?
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Re: Zairyuu card renewal 2021/12/23 08:22
This topic has been done to death here and elsewhere. Takes a couple of months usually - sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. My last two renewals it was about five weeks, but I am on a business category rather than one of the easier work categories so I submit a bunch of additional information that needs to be assessed.
Also, when your application goes to Immigration you get a two month extension on the expiry date so your status is not expiring until Feb - all pretty basic stuff.
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