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If i join language school at 24 2021/12/26 08:17
I am now 24. But i have reached 12 grade.
I will go to japan to learn medicine. I dont know japan can lean for international student to study medicine.?If i can learn medicine,what i need interance?
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Re: If i join language school at 24 2021/12/26 13:09
This is not the first time this forum has had someone ask about attending medicine at a Japanese university.

In general - I see nothing wrong with learning Japanese at a language school at the age of 24.

HOWEVER - I do think it is almost impossible to learn Japanese from scratch, somehow get a high high school equivalency score and then support yourself through a full medicine degree.

For most people who do not read, speak or write Japanese I'd expect the journey to probably take around a decade and lots of money would be needed.

My first hit on google with a topic of "years to learn medicine in Japan" told me the basics of what you were looking for.
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Re: If i join language school at 24 2021/12/26 13:31
As far as I know, there is no medical course in Japan held in English, as graduates need to take and pass the exams in the Japanese language, and once they get licensed and start practicing medicine, they need to interact with the locals (in the Japanese language).

If you are not fluent in the Japanese language, youfd first need to study the language to a level where you can follow classes in Japanese. That would take hat leasth 2 years to get to a manageable level - on top of it, youfd need to learn medical specific terms later, which is no easy task. Then you need to pass an entrance exam to be accepted into a medical school, which is not easy even for locals, then you study six years to graduate. Unless you have any special scholarships to cover those at least 8 years, youfd need to be able to finance yourself during all those years.
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Re: If i join language school at 24 2021/12/27 14:55
You've got answer already but please let me add something if your budget is not enough. You should be careful with someone who offers scholarship, saying 'you can pay back easily because you can earn at least 20000yen per month working part time job' something like that.
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