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Insurance for expensive equipment 2021/12/26 21:21
I have a question regarding insurance in Japan. I work as a photographer/cinematographer and I was wondering how I can insure my gear. Depending on the work I do Iem using gear that is worth around \1500000. For some jobs I travel within Japan, for others I work in studios in Tokyo.
I worry about following scenarios. If I accidentally break something, if someone else accidentally breaks something, if my gear gets stolen or also if wind, water, etc. damages the gear.
Are there any options to protect myself against those scenarios with insurance? Thanks for any advice on this topic!
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Re: Insurance for expensive equipment 2021/12/27 14:08
There seems to be some insurance available as a rider on top of a home insurance (like fire insurance) for belongings - you might want to head out to consultation service counter such as gHoken-no-madoguchih to ask. It is true those are difficult to find on the internet. Also for traveling, you might look into travel insurance (with extra for belongings).

Rakuten Insurance and some others seem to have (for their cardholders) some insurance that goes up to coverage of 200,000 or so. Not enough for you i guess.
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Re: Insurance for expensive equipment 2021/12/29 01:11
Thanks AK! I wish Rakuten had an insurance covering more than 200000, that wouldeve been perfect!
I guess Iell try to go to one of those Hoken No Madoguchi that you mentioned!
Thank you!!
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Re: Insurance for expensive equipment 2021/12/30 01:48
It's usually best to get that sort of info from people in your own industry. If you work in Japan, I'm sure you know fellow photographers/cinematographers or professionals who work closely with them. Ask them, and I'm sure they'd know who to turn to, and they can speak from experience.

I once talked to one of those hoken no madoguchi people a long time ago (for regular household insurance), and they only knew what I could find out on my own. I hope things have changed for the better, but I doubt that many know anything about photography/cinematography equipment. Meanwhile, just a quick Google search on key phrases like "filmmaking equipment insurance" in Japanese language leads me to various organizations that seem to give advice specializing in insurance for filmmaking equipment.
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Re: Insurance for expensive equipment 2021/12/31 12:23
Sounds like you are looking for business insurance, not something you would add to a home contents policy.
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