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Kanji for name: Kenji 2022/1/11 02:02
Not sure if this the right place to post (so please let me know otherwise)!

My husband is yonsei and I am 1st gen Chinese and wefre expecting a baby boy in a couple of weeks. We wanted to select a Japanese name to reflect his Japanese heritage and decided on gKenjih as our final choice.

Wefre trying to select kanji for his name now (which could also influence his Chinese name) but wanted to understand from a cultural perspective what combinations of the name are appropriate/make sense and whether the two characters that make up the name (which we are selecting based on the individual kanji meaning) have a harmonious meaning.

Here are the choices wefre exploring:


We like Œ’ because we want our baby to grow strong and healthy in body and mind. We like Žu as it seems to mean strong purpose or aspiration. We like Œ˜ as it seems to mean steady and looks like it combines well with Žu.

As for Œ’Ž‘, it seems like it also has a more connected meaning when combined and my Chinese father seems to prefer it. But Ifm not entirely sure what the meaning might be when used in Japanese.

Any help or understanding would be so much appreciated!
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Re: Kanji for name: Kenji 2022/1/11 08:56
For the third one where you say you are not sure: The kanji combination of Œ’Ž‘ for the name Kenji is popular and also carries positive meaning.
Œ’ as you say, means healthy, strong, sound, etc.
Ž‘ means to govern, to heal, and comes with the connotation of being a leader, being calm.
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Re: Kanji for name: Kenji 2022/1/11 16:27
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