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Type of soup 2022/1/16 09:37
Hello I was stationed at Kadena back in the early 80's. I recall getting a bowl of soup at local restaurants off gate 7 that if I recall looked like a cream of chicken soup maybe with a pepper and a maybe a corn flavor. There were no noodles or veggies in if. except maybe corn. I seem to remember a bit of a corn flavor. I loved this stuff. I'm kinda old and forgetfull if you know what I mean but I have been looking for the recipe and what this is called for a long time. Any one have a clue as to what I am referring too? much appreciated if anyone can tell me.
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Re: Type of soup 2022/1/16 12:38
That sounds like cream corn soup, or コーンポタージュ (corn potage) in Japanese. Can you try googling this Japanese phrase and see if the images that appear match?
OK, here’s one:
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Re: Type of soup 2022/1/22 08:22
Thank you so much.
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Re: Type of soup 2022/1/27 14:42
Yes It is good
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