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Sending and Receiving Parcel 2022/1/24 07:39
Hi everyone

I have a friend in Japan who would like to send me some homemade liquor. I live in Australia. Does anyone know if that would be possible at all? I am worried about it being stuck at customs and/or being considered flammable material. Has anyone done this before?

Also, I would like to send her some homemade candied peanuts. Again, I am not sure if it's acceptable to send peanuts to Japan. I would guess anything packaged is easier to send... but I would like to make something from scratch. Any idea/website that I could use as a guideline?

I have read that because of Covid parcels are taking a long time to be delivered to/from Japan. Is this true? And how long are the delays more or less?

Thank you very much!
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Re: Sending and Receiving Parcel 2022/1/24 14:49
Nuts could only be sent if they are commercially packaged.

Not sure but assuming alcohol would be the same. May also attract duty depending in quantity.

Australian and Japaese customs website woyld be my first place to look for info.

Shipping times greatly vary depending on the type/option of shipping chosen. But picking DHL or similar shop get the there within a week.
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Re: Sending and Receiving Parcel 2022/1/24 16:57
Japan Post does not accept alcohol beverages/drinks to be sent as international parcel. If your friend checks Japan Postfs website they can find the info.

For the gifts you are considering, first please check Australian postal servicesf website (or at your local post office) to see what can be sent and what cannot be.
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Re: Sending and Receiving Parcel 2022/1/24 20:34
homemade liquor : in general, it is illegal to make alcoholic beverages with no permission by the government. you can make it, if you drink it. you can't distribute (give to others) it.
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Re: Sending and Receiving Parcel 2022/1/24 22:57
Home-made liquor is made of fruits and white liquor. They just pickle fruits into already alcoholic white liquor. That's why it's legal.
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Re: Sending and Receiving Parcel 2022/1/25 07:50
Posting liquids - not going to happen. https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/UGX/restriction_en.html
Receiving alcohol - also, you run into host of excise tax issues if it was a commercial item, for home-made more problems.
Sending peanuts to Japan - that might be ok if it was a commercial/sealed packet product, but homemade you would need to check - food can be a prohibited item - depends on the item.
As for delivery times, can be very dependent on flight/cargo capacity. Might only be a week, but easily two weeks - and that is the guidance I would give for air. Appears surface parcel delivery to Australia is possible, but air is not so delivery would be quite long.
Also, for the value of the item, postage would be expensive for liquids.
Sending to Japan, again, might only be a couple of weeks - my last parcel from NZ took around two weeks airmail (and cost NZ$96 for the 3kg box), but a small item from the USA took five weeks to arrive (also by air).
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