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Where Next? 2022/1/26 06:14
Been to Kyoto, Tokyo, Sapporo, Nara, Takayama, Nagano, my Fuji area, and loved them. Not wild about Kanazawa or Osaka.

Where in Japan should we go next? Thank you!! ♥️
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Re: Where Next? 2022/1/26 13:52
Can't go wrong with Kyushu in my opinion. Fukuoka and Nagasaki are considered essential by many experienced travellers. Lots of great cultural sights, and Fukuoka has some of the best food in Japan. I also love Kagoshima though. The city is nice, Sakurajima is incredible, and the surrounding area is excellent if the weather is good. Kirishima National Park is easily one of my favourite places in Japan. I have spent weeks hiking around there. There is a decent amount of stuff to do in Kumamoto and Miyazaki too.
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Re: Where Next? 2022/1/26 15:28
What are your interests?
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Re: Where Next? 2022/1/26 18:06
@Likebike asks the important question.

My default answer would be the Inland sea area & Kyushu. Okayama, Onomichi, Hiroshima & down to Fukuoka, Nagasaki & Kagoshima but it's all down to your interests.
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Re: Where Next? 2022/1/26 19:58
I agree with LIZ, that Kyushu is a great destination. There are other places that LIZ did not mention.

There are several unique natural wonders in Kyushu. Beppu is in the second largest caldera in the world, only to Yellowstone. Takachiho has a beautiful gorge. There is also Yakushima Island, with was Miyazakifs inspiration for the forests in Princess Mononoke.

If you like theme parks, try Huis Ten Bosch. Kagoshima has a wonderful aquarium.
Imari and Arita are known for their pottery.
Yamagata was a warehouse town, and still has a functional canal system.
There are several well preserved Samurai towns to go to, and Obi Castle.

Aside from Kyushu, I would also like to suggest Hiroshima and Miyajima Island. Miyajima Island is one of the gThree Great Viewsh, so I am also going to throw in Amanohashidate and Mastushima Bay.

One of my personal favorite areas is the Kii Peninsula, but the things to do there would have to coincide with your interests. I believe LikeBike is correct, in that we can recommend places that we liked, but you would get better recommendations if we knew what your interests are.

Good Luck, in planning your next trip.
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Re: Where Next? 2022/1/26 20:05
Hiroshima and Miyajima

Hiroshima and the memorial were seriously humbling and Miyajima is just pretty, though I was kind of scared of the deer ^^`
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Re: Where Next? 2022/1/27 01:41
Not just your interests but also time of year and your tolerance for various weather conditions

Have you thought about Tohoku?
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Re: Where Next? 2022/1/27 04:20
Thank you so much. Such wonderful suggestions. Our interests are wide, but we love unique towns/cities, Japanese-tourists routes, nature, temples, festivals, food-making places, - not into sports, drinking or night live, but love walking about towns at night. We loved Takayama, but also Tokyo, Cookie Factory in Sapporo, Ontaru snow lantern festival, my Fuji loopc does this help? Also love Tokyo Disneyland and snow monkeys! Not much we donft like - Osaka just was not a place to return and found Kanazawa sort of ordinary and generic. Thank you!!
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Re: Where Next? 2022/1/27 04:42
Izu peninsula area is very nice. Ito is a very nice town, Shuzenji is a great little place. It is handy to Hakone which I think is overrated by newbies and underrated by the experienced travellers.

I also really like Karuizawa, we have visited about 3 times now and I think we would stay again.

I liked Kyushu but I think it would be better if you had a hire car. Yufuin was my favorite place there, it is a little like Takayama, though it is a one or two night place.

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Re: Where Next? 2022/2/12 22:35
I think You should go To X ( Aomori prefecture)It is cool In the summer But freezing Cold in winter The snow is the Best in the world In Aomori a Place called _(sukayu) it is a winter snow seeing onsen
Or hirosaki

During the winter It is best to go By Shinkansen because all planes Wont take off due to snow
I really recommend taking plane during the summer because it only takes 1 hour
i hope you consider going to Aomori as it is my home prefecture
During the summer I liked going Fishing camping And a lot of outdoorsey stuff however there is alot
and if you dont like aomori it is also recommended that you Should go to akita And see the namahage kann
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