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New Japan Post ATM Charges 2022/1/29 10:01
I have a bank account with Japan Post. Recently I went to use the ATM and there was a notice saying that if I take out coins, they'll charge me 110 yen. My friend just went yesterday and said that the notice isn't just for coins - it's for general usage! No matter what you take out, coins or cash, they are now charging 110 yen?! That's insane!

Also the ATMs near us no longer let us deposit coins either. How are we supposed to deposit coins now?
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Re: New Japan Post ATM Charges 2022/1/30 11:52
coin withdrawal and deposit at ATM : they charge their fees, depending on how many coins. the minimum is 110 yen for one coin.
you can withdraw and deposit coins at manned counters at JP offices with no charge if coins are less than 50.

ATM fee (if no coins) :
ATM at JP offices : no charge.
ATM at other places : they may charge the fee, depending on time and day, and who set up the machines.

you need to pay both of ATM fee and coin handling fee.
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Re: New Japan Post ATM Charges 2022/1/31 08:33
I recall seeing something on the news about the changes. The schedule of fees is on their website so pretty clear.
JapanPost is not the only bank to introduce additional service fees in the last year.
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