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Reenter Japan 2022/1/30 09:53
I am from Nepal. I went to Japan in 2013 on student visa and completed my Japanese language course. After that I studied 2 years of vocational college.During my study, I had to return back to my home country because of my personal issues. Is it possible for me to re enter Japan on student visa on Japanese university?or start over again from Japanese language.
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Re: Reenter Japan 2022/1/31 08:35
Given the elapsed time, any visa you would have had will have long since expired. You would be starting from scratch - once Japan starts dealing with applications again.
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Re: Reenter Japan 2022/1/31 10:38
Ifm not sure if the OP used the word gre-enterh to mean gusing the same resident status,h or simply applying again and coming in gagainh as a student.

- As the above poster commented, if you are thinking about gre-enteringh Japan on the old student visa, I guess it would have expired by now.
- If you are thinking about applying for a university in Japan and getting the student visa all over again, Ifm sure you can do that, if your Japanese language skill is still good to be accepted into a university.
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