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Entering Japan without visa 2022/2/3 03:48
My children were born in UK to Japanese mother. They both have British passports.

Under normal circumstances a British national can enter Japan without a visa and stay for up to 90 days. Since 21st December 2021 Japan closed its borders to all foreign national entering with visas, with the exception of spouses and children of Japanese nationals.

Would my children still need a visa as they are registered on the koseki? Does the koseki registration give them Japanese citizenship?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Entering Japan without visa 2022/2/3 08:59
Travelling and citizenship are different issues. They may be eligible for a Japanese passport, but they would be travelling on British passport - therefore a visa is required under current entry restrictions.
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Re: Entering Japan without visa 2022/2/3 11:10
If they were registered under their mother's koseki, then most likely yes, they have Japanese citizenship. But in order for them to travel to Japan, they will need Japanese passports. I would contact your nearest Japanese embassy and ask them directly what you will need to apply for their passports.

Once they have Japanese passports then they are able to travel to Japan and get in as citizens.
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Re: Entering Japan without visa 2022/2/13 03:12

Thanks for your replies.

My wife contacted the Embassy in London and they confirmed children can travel on British passports without a visa as long as my wife can provide a copy of Koseki as proof of Japanese citizenship.

Wife and kids are now in Aichi enjoying seeing parents/grandparents for the first time in two years.
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Re: Entering Japan without visa 2022/2/13 08:28
Same will likely be happening with my kid - want some time with the grandparents before...you know.
In any case, with questions like yours, it is far better to contact the Japanese embassy or consulate for an authoritative answer.
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