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Visa type to do Workaway 2022/2/7 13:36
I know that this question has been asked before, but they are from years ago (2016-2018) so Im asking in case that the answer is more clear now.
A little bit of background info, Im Chilean, 20 Y/o and I have been in Japan once with a tourist Visa. I absolutely fell in love with the country, so I would like to come back but for longer than before, so workaway seems like an ok option to be on a budget. The questions is what visa do i need to this type of "work" that is volunteer. Some time ago, tourist in Sapporo were arrested because of this and the police said that it was illegal. But then in this forum some people said "I emailed my Japan embassy and they said it was ok as long as no money or payment is involved" but other said the contrary, and so on.

As a Chilean, I have the oportunity to apply for a Working Holiday Visa, but it's not my first option, since I only have 2 months to travel every year, so aplying for this Visa that last a year, to stay only 2 months and the visa is a one time ever visa, It's not a very good deal in my opinion.
I tried to look for this info on work-away related forums, but it did not answer this question crystal clear.

Any help with this would be apreciated.
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Re: Visa type to do Workaway 2022/2/7 16:23
First. Please explain what a workaway is.
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Re: Visa type to do Workaway 2022/2/7 17:11
Its a website. The idea is that you volunteer to help host in exchange of staying for free en the host house/hotel/farm etc.

Other examples are worldpckers or wwoof. You can help in a farm, or help with task around the house,etc.
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Re: Visa type to do Workaway 2022/2/9 11:09
there is no visa type, except for working holiday.

my impression about this system is negative. this is an alternative of labor supplies. so it is identical to working. the difference is "cheap" reward. this should be restricted to young or socially immature persons. working holiday fits it.

this is a short version of t in Japan, which was there in pre-modern time.
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Re: Visa type to do Workaway 2022/2/10 19:04
You said 'work' but I think that is not a 'work' in immigration's definition. Visa for working is basically granted when you have a contact which says amount of your salary is at least same as locals' or even more than locals', in addition to meeting other requirements. That is why working holiday visa exist.

Even if you apply a working holiday visa and volunteer works are legally ok, I still think saving enough money before travel and be able to support myself are necessary.

If volunteer works are not for your budget and your intention is meeting Japanese people or something to experience other than hopping touristic placer, other options can be found.
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