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Looking for Japanese bank routing # 2022/2/8 13:32
Hi anyone reading,

I've been trying to use the site transferwise to send money from my Japan Bank Account (Kita Nihon Ginko) to one in the US (Wells Fargo). I have gone to the bank in search of an IBAN or routing number about 4 times and have gotten different answers every time, none of them have worked. Unfortunately, I can't send money from JPY to USD using a SWIFT code, so I need to find a routing number.

Is there a way to ask a Japanese bank teller for a routing number in a way for them to understand? Because I have gotten quite a few blank stares. I speak Japanese as well.

Also am I using an in correct method to send money from JPY to USD, is there an easier method I am unaware of?

Thank you for the time,
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Re: Looking for Japanese bank routing # 2022/2/8 17:48
As far as I know, Japanese banks do not use IBAN or similar codes.

To send money to an overseas bank account, if you ask your Japanese bank to do the remittance, what they need is:
Bank name
Branch name, branch address,
Account number
Beneficiaryfs name, address.

I just looked up Transferwise, and it is completely different from inter-banking transfers. What youfd gprobablyh need is the Japanese bankfs financial institution code, the branch code, and your account number.
The name officially is The Kita-Nippon Bank Ltd. in English by the way, and their bank code is 0509. Youfd need the branch code (gshiten koodo.h) , which is usually shown on your bank book.

Since I have not used Transferwise, this is the best i can do. Best wishes.
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Re: Looking for Japanese bank routing # 2022/2/8 21:01
For Transferwise you are NOT transferring the money directly to your account in the US. instead you transfer it in JPY to an account in Japan of Transferwise and they transfer you the equivalent in USD from their US account to yours.

So please look up the details on Transferwise where to transfer the money to. It should work from inside their webpage and the account should be in Japan.

If you get stuck, I remember they had a friendly HD to call.
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