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Tattoo artist requirements 2022/2/8 14:21
I will be moving to Japan later this year to be with my Navy spouse who will be stationed on Atsugi base (work visa not required, there are other forms Ill have to take care of with military sponsor). Im a tattoo artist in the US and am struggling to find proper forms and procedures to become a licensed artist to work in Japanese tattoo parlors. I know they recently removed the medical degree requirement within the past few years but Im not coming across anything for what requirements are in place at the moment (tattoo school? Bloodborne pathogen certs? Medical classes? Apprenticeships? Exams? Registration forms?). Im looking to see if anyone knows the current procedures or can link me to a website or person who can help me out. Thank you!
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Re: Tattoo artist requirements 2022/2/9 10:32
at present, no requirement.
originally, this job is outlaw. i.e. if you get some disease, sickness by tattoo, that is their personal problem. all benefits and disadvantages solely belong to the party concerned.

no requirement means if you make tattoo to others, no punishment.
but, if you make some disease or sickness by your tattoo treatment, that is a crime, when the victim reports it to police.
generally speaking, in medical fields, when medical doctors do medical treatments with necessary precautions but the patient is dead unfortunately, they are not guilty. I think there is no such conditions for tattoo, because of no regulation.
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