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Koseki Touhon 2022/2/9 13:49
Good day!

I wanna know if my son's has a koseki touhon. What should i do? Should i get a copy of his father's koseki touhon or request for a copy of my son's koseki touhon? And how can i get a koseki touhon in kumamoto from philippines?

Im here now i the philippines and the father of my son is living in kumamoto city. But we dont have communication anymore.

I hope you answer my question. God bless!

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Re: Koseki Touhon 2022/2/9 15:41
since what you wrote here is so uncertain, no one can answer you.
you need to contact his father to know what is recorded and what is not recorded on his (the father's) koseki.
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Re: Koseki Touhon 2022/2/10 15:40
Your question should be whether your son has koseki or not, rather than he has a koseki touhon or not. I understand that Koseki touhon is a thing which certifies koseki. As koseki is registration based on report, whether your son has koseki is depending on what his father has report to the authority as mentioned above.

As for father's koseki, if he is not Japanese national, I don't think he has. Even if he is a Japanese national, his address on koseki (honseki) could be somewhere not Kumamoto. Address of honseki and address of actual residence could be different.

Even if he is Japanese who has his honseki in Kumamoto, as long as you are not his spouse or there is not proof that he is father, I am not sure if you can require his (father's) koseki touhon since you and your son are the third person.
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