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Amamo or Iki in July 2022/2/14 17:34
The only time we can go to Japan is mud July, for 2 weeks. Our trip ends in Osaka on 25th July. I can't decide which is better for some nice beach days from 25th to 29th July. Would Amamo be 5 days of rain and wind? If that happens in Iki,being based in Fukuoka means we could at least do something else instead.
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Re: Amamo or Iki in July 2022/2/15 05:13
I can only go on some assumptions and inferences of your post - first, I presume you really mean Amami-Oshima? And from what you write, your primary interest is in swimming in the ocean?
If so, Amami has a vastly longer coastline, with numerous places to swim. Iki as far as I know, really just has one - Tsutsumi. Either way, please note that none of them are large places or very developed and with lifeguards.
The only practical way to get to Amami is to fly - fortunately, there is a flight by JAL, and you can use its Explorer fare for 11,000 yen one way if a foreign tourist. There are few flights however, which makes your schedule tighter. For timing, you mentioned mid-July, and normally the rainy season has ended by that point, though it can get very hot and humid. Amami has much more of a semi-tropical atmosphere though compared to Iki.
Iki is much closer (about 20 km from Kyushu), and the ferry ride can be nice to get there (it has an airport as well, but the short hop flights are quite expensive, and I don't know of any discounted ticket you can use). It has some beautiful coastline, though more scenic and rugged - not for swimming.
You mentioned 4 days though - that is way overkill for Iki, and probably for Amami as well, unless you just want to chill there. If you're going to do all those days, then I suggest you try Okinawa. Or another option is Yakushima if up for the gorgeous forest hiking. There are flights from Fukuoka Airport as well, though no discounted one for Yakushima. Okinawa has loads to see and do, and some very nice beaches. Yakushima has a few beaches, and unique primordial scenery.
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Re: Amamo or Iki in July 2022/2/17 07:12
Thank you, your information is very useful.
I did think of Okinawa, but can't find anything budget friendly on booking.com. Most cheaper properties are right up in the north. We won't be driving so that means an expensive taxi ride and more time just travelling.
I thought Amami Oshima ( i mean the place called Amami on the map, south of Okinawa, there is I think, an Island of the same name nearer to Tokyo too) would be quieter. I have got some reasonably priced accommodation there. However, I am worried that weather could prevent us flying there, or worse still, flying back to Tokyo to get our flight home.

I booked a place in Hakata too, because I thought if the weather is bad, there are other things to do apart from beaches. of Iki. I would much rather chill and have a nice beach and a nice swim in Amami Oshima though, but would be sad if we spent 3 days in the rain there.
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