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Sending a fan letter to manga author? 2022/2/21 13:01
Hi, I was wondering if there was anyway possible that I would be able to send a fan letter to my all time favorite manga author/artist in Japan? If so, how? All I know is that I would need to know where to send it to and how to send international letters (which I don't know how), but is there anything else, cause I'm clueless on how I would send a letter to Japan in the first place? Let alone my favorite author! BTW, I would be sending the letter from the US. If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it!
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Re: Sending a fan letter to manga author? 2022/2/22 13:01
You can typically send your letter to the publisher of the author's work. If the author publishes work from various publishing companies, try to choose the work that was published most recently. Or you can write to the one that published your favorite work.

The editor at the publishing company will read your letter first to see if it's safe enough, and if it is, the editor will forward it to the author. Note, that publishers would appreciate comments about work the author published from that company as opposed to work published from other companies.

You can either type or handwrite in block letters, so that it would be easy to read for the foreign editor/author. Try to use plain textbook English, if you cannot write in the language the author uses.

If the publisher has an email address for fan mails, you can send it there. If not, see below for ways to send a paper letter from the U.S. to Japan. For more details, you can ask at your local post office or your school teacher.

If you can tell us your favorite manga of the author, perhaps someone can guide you to some information concerning the publisher.
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Re: Sending a fan letter to manga author? 2022/2/24 11:53
Publisher address information can usually be found online easily enough. As for your author, maybe they have an online/social media presence. I checked for one the the manga I enjoyed some years back and I saw the author has a twitter account (and a wiki page) - lots of dog pictures :)
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Re: Sending a fan letter to manga author? 2022/4/20 14:45
The person in question who I would love to write to is Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro, the creator of Toriko. I don't know how to go about it exactly.
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Re: Sending a fan letter to manga author? 2022/4/21 00:36
You can write to Jump magazine which Mr. Shimabukuro still writes for. Find below the form for fan mails.

In the top block where it says お名前 on the left, fill in your name.
In the next block, write your email address.
Then in the biggest box, write your message, including the name of the author you're addressing to.

When you're done writing everything,
click the red block which says 入力内容を確認する
which will lead you to the page where you can look over what you wrote.
Then click the red 送信 to send it to the magazine's editorial department which would forward your message to the author, once the department is done checking to see if it's not anything dangerous.

I hope it helps.
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