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How to pay city tax when leaving Japan 2022/2/21 15:13
Ifm leaving Japan this April, but my city tax bills wonft be sent out until June. I read that I need to have someone in Japan to sign paperwork to receive my bills and pay them on my behalf. Thatfs impossible since I have no friends here and my employer refuses to do it for me. Is there any way to convince the tax office to mail the bills to me in the US?!
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Re: How to pay city tax when leaving Japan 2022/2/22 08:20
You can try to go to the city office. I think when I left Japan thatfs the same that happened to me. I went, explained when I would like to deregister and they gave me the invoice for all the remaining taxes I needed to pay. I went to a conbini, pastor and that was done.

Btw, speak with your employer. You should be able to get back the money you paid into the pension system. But for that you need your employers help and it takes ages. If I remember correctly in my case it took at least 6 months, maybe even longer. But finally I got some of tree money back. (And wasnft a small amount).
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Re: How to pay city tax when leaving Japan 2022/3/1 15:42
As above mentioned, you can go to your municipal and ask them to issue the bills, that you can pay at any convenience store.

There should be no any problem if you pay and leave.
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