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Good internet provider? 2022/2/25 12:44
Hi, I am living in Japan and my current internet provider is nifty. The speed of the internet is horrible, especially on Friday and Saturday evenings. What other internet provider can you recommend?
by Hans (guest)  

Re: Good internet provider? 2022/2/26 14:42
I have very limited knowledge on Internet access, but yet, I'm not sure if changing your provider is the answer. I'm afraid I've never had a problem with any of the providers I've used in the past including those that are available while traveling.

Shown below are a bunch of options on what you can do. Sorry it's in Japanese language.
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IPv6 2022/2/26 15:01
I am using OCN and also experienced the slow down in the evening. As you may know OCN is the largest Internet provider and slow down is reported many times.

I called their service center and they suggested to change to IPv6. As far as I know you must change the setting of your router and must ask your provider (in my case, OCN) and the Internet line (in my case NTT west) to change their settings. In my case, no additional fee was required.

Before the change, the speed was sometimes less than 1 Mbps. After the change, it goes up to at least more than 50 Mbps, usually more than 100 Mbps even in the busiest times.

Since Nifty is one of the big provider, they must have English support.
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Re: Good internet provider? 2022/4/8 01:47
All providers that I used are approximately equal to each other and the difference is not noticeable. Unless OCN is rather unstable, itfs better not to connect all of them
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