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Spouse visa general issuance timeframe 2022/2/27 00:11
Hi all,

I understand that the issuance of a spouse visa is anywhere between 2/3~6 months, but I haven't found any recent data on how long it's taking. I'm in quite the rush and have been waiting now for a while without hearing anything from immigration, has anybody here recently acquired a spouse visa, and if so; how long did it take? Thanks and have a wonderful night.

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Re: Spouse visa general issuance timeframe 2022/2/28 16:33
Are you talking about COE or Spouse Visa?

You/your Japanese spouse apply for COE(in Japan), generally takes 3 months to issue, which then you use the COE and other documents to apply for Spouse Visa at Japanese Embassy at your country of resident.
It may take 2-3 working days or more depend on the country.
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Re: Spouse visa general issuance timeframe 2022/3/1 03:27
Not really sure what you mean, I applied directly for a spouse visa in Japan, I had to submit all documents, including proof of genuine marriage, tax records etc. upfront. Once they approve I'll receive my COE, which I'll then redeem for an actual spouse visa. I've gone through the process and as stated in my initial post, I know the general time-frame for issuance is between 3 to 6 months. What I'm looking for though is people who've recently also gone through the same process and got accepted, I'm curious as to how long they had to wait before finally receiving the go ahead.

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